Innovative Digital Planning for a Better Build

Building a home using the SipForm™ system of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) involves extensive planning before construction. SIP homes are complex, large, 3D Jigsaw puzzles made off-site, and every piece must fit before production and construction commence.

All designs are digitally modelled in consultation with qualified engineers to resolve all construction specifics prior to manufacture.  This allows time to establish the ideal construction solution for all details before any money is spent on materials.

This process reduces the variables usually encountered in construction, and produces a complete, precise materials schedule, minimising wastage for a lower fixed price quotation.  It also ensures maximum efficiency and speed of production and installation on-site.

Generally, using the SIPs system results in a faster build time when compared to traditional construction methods so you will be able to enjoy your new home much sooner.

It also means that because all panels are quality controlled and precisely built, there are no uneven walls or gaps – only clean-cut edges.  Being air-tight, a SIPs home will not leak hot or cool air, therefore, saving you the cost of excessive heating or cooling bills.

As there is no timber framework, there is also less thermal bridging, i.e. pathways where the heat can be transferred through a wall, ceiling or floor.

It is simply a smarter and better way of building homes.

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