In Harmony with Our Natural Environment

Standard bricks and mortar homes have served Australians well for a very long time. But they no longer reflect how we want to and need to live.

As the largest energy users in the average Australian home, heating and cooling account for 40% of total household energy use. Builders and architects are looking towards the latest technologies to help homeowners address concerns over soaring heating and cooling costs and how to minimise their environmental footprint.

Housing affordability, scarce water resources and weather extremes have all contributed to making sustainable housing an economic and environmental necessity.

Oasis Developments Australia is one of the companies leading the way in building the sustainable homes of the future today. We embrace the principles of Passive House design, construction and technology, which aims to achieve low energy and high comfort primarily through air tightness.

Director Brent Tamati is a Master Building Association Green Living Builder – a credential that recognises his leadership and expertise in the delivery of high-quality sustainable solutions.

A sustainable home by Oasis Developments Australia incorporates the latest and smartest eco-friendly techniques and approaches including:

  • Site and building orientation
  • Reduced air leakage by using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • Use of heat recovery ventilation system to ensure a constant flow of clean, fresh air while retaining 90% of heat energy; also eliminates condensation and mould
  • Double window glazing, correct framing and positioning
  • Passive solar design to take advantage of the natural climate, e.g. room zoning; capturing cross-ventilation breezes, shading, skylights
  • Water efficient appliances and fittings/grey water systems
  • Appropriate insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Use of water-based, zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) paints/finishes and adhesives
  • Tiled floors for thermal mass, low maintenance and low dust.

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